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Page wDCR_ReportNodes

A page for viewing report dataset nodes (i.e., all dataitems and/or columns of a report object).


Name Value
ApplicationArea #All
Caption Report Nodes
ContextSensitiveHelpPage Dataset-Extensions.html#view-columns-and-data-items
DeleteAllowed False
Editable False
InsertAllowed False
ModifyAllowed False
PageType List
SourceTable 11249669
SourceTableTemporary True
UsageCategory None


wgFncLoadReportNodes(Integer, Boolean, Boolean)

Loads the report nodes to be displayed on the page.


Type Name Description
Integer pReportID Report ID
Boolean pDataItemsOnly Whether to include the Data Items only.
Boolean pIncludeCustom Whether to include custom nodes.


Filters the page to only show columns from the specified data item or one of its parents.


Type Name Description
Text[250] pDataItemXmlName The Data Item