Installing the Extension


The installation instructions on this page are for installing Document Creator in a Dynamics 365 Business Central online (SaaS/Cloud) environment. If you are looking for installation instructions for Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premise, then please follow the steps on the page Installing for On-Premise.

To install the Document Creator extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central, please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Setup & Extensions > Extensions (i.e., open the Extension Management page).
  2. Open the extension marketplace (AppSource) for the current environment via: Manage > Extension Marketplace.


  3. Search for "Document Creator" (By Apportunix).

  4. Take note of the End-User License Agreement and Privacy Statement
  5. Choose "Free Trial", enter your details, and follow the further steps in the Extension Installation page.
  6. Assign the "Apportunix Document Creator" permission set to your users. Please see Permission Configuration.
  7. Go to Setup & Extensions > Assisted Setup and follow the steps in the Document Creator Setup Wizard.


After the installation of the Document Creator extension, all active users must sign out and sign in again to see the navigation changes from the Document Creator extension.