Installing the Designer

To edit Document Creator layouts you can use the Document Creator Designer. This is a stand-alone application that can be installed locally on a Windows PC. Every time the application is started it will automatically check for and install updates when they are available.


To install the designer:

  1. Invoke the Download Designer action on the Document Creator Setup page.
  2. Download the .application file and wait for the download to complete.
  3. Run the .application file to start the installation, and follow the steps in the installer.


Depending on the configurations on your workstation/PC, you may initially be blocked from installing the application, e.g., due to restrictions implied by the configuration of the ClickOnce Trust Prompt or Windows Defender SmartScreen. Please contact your system administrator if you need help to resolve any issues of this nature.


The Document Creator Designer is not included in the Demo/Trial version of Document Creator on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (SaaS). To explore the features of the Designer you can also check out the Document Creator Designer Demo.