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Codeunit wDCR_ItemTrackingExtensions

Exposes procedures to retrieve item tracking data to be used by reports.


Name Value
Access Public


wgFncRetrieveItemTrackingAssemblyDocuments(Tracking Specification@, Integer, Code[20], Enum::Microsoft#Assembly#Document#Assembly Document Type):Boolean

Retrieving Tracking Specification for (Posted) Assembly Order (Lines). Retrieving Qty. to Handle (Base), Quantity Handled (Base), Item Ledger Entry No. for Warehouse Receipts/Shipments


Type Name Description
Record "Tracking Specification" temporary vRecTempTrackingSpecBuffer The tracking specification result set.
Integer pTableNo The Table No. ((Posted) Assembly Header/Assembly Line)
Code[20] pDocumentNo The Document No.
Enum "Assembly Document Type" pDocumentType The Assembly Document Type


Type Description
Boolean true iff retrieving tracking spec. was successful