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Codeunit wDCR_PublishersOnPrem

Exposes additional event publishers next to the event publishers that are available from the public objects.


Name Value
Access Public


wgEvpReportExecutionOnPrem_OnBeforeGetDatabaseName(Text@, Boolean@)

Allows to hook into determining the database name (used in file names).


Type Name Description
Text vDatabaseName The database name.
Boolean vIsHandled Set to true if handled by your extension.

wgEvpReportExecutionOnPrem_OnBeforeHandleDocumentCreatorLayoutReportPrint(Report Layout List, Integer, InStream, Text, Boolean@, Boolean@)

Allows to hook into printing reports with a Document Creator report layout.


Type Name Description
Record "Report Layout List" pRecReportLayoutList The report layout that is used.
Integer pReportID The ID of the report object.
InStream pInStrXmlData The InStream containing the XML DataSet contents.
Text pPrinterName The name of the printer to use.
Boolean vReportSentToPrinter Specifies whether the report was sent to the printer.
Boolean vIsHandled Set to true if printing is handled by your extension.