Permission Configuration

Once the Document Creator extension has been installed, a Apportunix Document Creator permission set will have been added automatically. This permission set (or a customized/derived one) should be assigned to the relevant users or user groups.


To assign the Apportunix Document Creator permission set to users:

  1. Use the Tell Me search feature ('magnifier-button in the top-right') to search for and open up the Users page.
  2. Select the user that you want to assign permissions to. Any permission sets that are already assigned to the user are displayed in the Permission Sets factbox.
  3. Invoke the Edit action to open the User Card page.
  4. On the User Permission Sets FastTab, add a new record with Permission Set set to Apportunix Document Creator.

For more information on how to configure permissions, please refer to the Dynamics 365 Business Central documentation - Managing Users and Permissions.