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Editing Layouts

Watch the Editing Layouts (Custom Report Layouts) section of our demo video to learn more about how to start editing your layouts!

Editing Layouts using Design FilesLink

On the Custom Report Layouts page you will find an Export Design and Import Design action (within the Document Creator category). These actions can be used to export and import a "Document Creator Design File (.dcrd)" for the record selected on the page.


Please note that these actions are only supported for Document Creator layouts. If you attempt to use these actions for any other layout type, such as RDLC or Word, an error message will be shown.

Export DesignLink

To start editing a layout, you will need to export the layout in a Design file that you will open in the Document Creator standalone report designer. If you do not have the designer installed yet, then please follow the installations instructions at the Installing the Designer page.

To export a layout to edit it in the designer, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Custom Report Layout record.
  2. Invoke the Export Design... action.
  3. The Export Design dialog page opens.

    On this dialog page you will find the option Edit with Data (which is enabled by default). If you enable this option, the Design file will be exported with a dataset, which can be filtered using the report's request page that will be shown.


  4. Choose OK.

  5. If you made the choice to Edit with Data earlier, the report's request page will open, where you can define filters and further options for the dataset to be included in the Design file.


    After configuring the options and filters, choose OK and wait for the report to complete.

  6. Save the Design file to a location of your choice.

You can now open the file and use the Document Creator Designer to edit the layout.


In case you enabled the Edit with Data option earlier, you can Preview (Ctrl+P) your layout from the report designer with the data from your Dynamics 365 Business Central database. In case you disabled the option earlier, the preview will use a sample dataset with a single record per data source containing the label-/column-names and/or default values for the columns.

After you are satisfied with the changes to the layout, you can save and close the designer.

Import DesignLink

When you are done editing the layout in an earlier exported Design file, you need to import the Design file to apply the changes to the layout in your Dynamics 365 Business Central database. The Import Design action allows you to select a Design file and import the contained layout into the record selected on the Custom Report Layouts page.

To import a layout from a Design file, follow these steps:

  1. Select the target custom report layout record.
  2. Invoke the Import Design... action.
  3. Click Choose... and select the Design file in the Open File dialog that appears.


During the import of a Design file, the previous version of the layout is automatically added to the Custom Report Layout Archive, along with a comment that reads "Design Import". This allows you to restore the previous version of the layout, e.g., in case you made a mistake and want to revert your changes.

Configuring Layout SelectionsLink

To make sure your report uses the correct custom report layout for each company (and does not use a different layout or print a blank page) you will need to configure the Layout Selections for your company. One way of doing this is going to the Report Layout Selections page and configuring the layout selections as described in Change the Current Report Layout.

You can also (more easily) change the layout selections using the Document Creator actions directly from the Custom Report Layouts page.

Report Layout Selection ActionLink


The Report Layout Selection... action can be used to specify per company whether the report should use the layout selected in the Custom Report Layouts page.

  1. On the Custom Report Layouts page, select the custom report layout record to configure the report layout selections for.
  2. Invoke the Report Layout Selection... action.
  3. The Report Layout Selection page will open for the selected custom report layout record.

    Select the companies where you wish to use the layout when the report is executed. You can do this by marking the checkbox in the Selected column for those companies.

    At the bottom of the page you will see which layout the report is currently using in the selected company (in group Current Report Layout) and which layout it will use after closing the page (in group New Report Layout).

    Companies that are displayed in bold-green are already using the layout for the report.

  4. Close the page.

The layout selections for the report will be updated after closing the page. If you run the report, it will now use the layout in the companies you selected.


In the example below a checkmark is set for the company "My Company" which means the report layout selection for report 72102 Sales - Invoice will change from the built-in RDLC layout to the selected layout (i.e., 72102-000001 DCR Sales - Invoice).

The company "CRONUS NL" is displayed in bold/green which indicates that the report layout selection was already configured to use this layout earlier.


Fast Report Layout Selection ActionLink


The Fast Report Layout Selection... action can be used to specify that the report(s) should use the layout(s) selected in the Custom Report Layouts page in all companies.

  1. On the Custom Report Layouts page, select the custom report layout records that should be used for the report layout selections.
  2. Invoke the Fast Report Layout Selection... action.
  3. The action will prompt you to confirm that the layout selection of the corresponding reports should be changed to the selected custom report layout(s) for all companies.


  4. If you confirm, then the report layout selections for the reports will be updated to the selected custom report layout(s) for all companies. A message will inform you about the number of changed report layout selections.